This is a normal line for "Gate" - the entry, customs, and greeting process for Black Rock City. Since the speed limit in the city is very low and the highway is very fast, a bottleneck of several hours in inevitable and part of the experience.

This is a daylight photo of my favorite sound camp, Opulent Temple (not to be confused with "the" temple.) Opulent Temple has over 150,000 watts of sound gear. I measured them at 125 dB this year - enough to cause permanent hearing damage.

Safety third at Burning Man. Plays on words, misappropriated signs, and laughing at safety are popular in Black Rock City.

These crappy, dusty computers are amazing - they are still working while covered in sand. This is Playa Info. The computers are used to track theme camp locations, track the schedule of events, process lost and found, and operate a playa-only message system similar to email. They are not connected to the Internet.

There is no actual race here. These guys set up a "Finish Line" and cheered as everyone came across. Just one of many examples from crazy antics you stumble across at Burning Man.

This guy is roasting beers with a flame thrower.

This art installation was a labyrinth of doors that were interconnected with belts and wheels above. Opening one door might open other doors - or close them.

These mock-demonstrators are calling for "carrot rights."

Black Rock City's "fire department" causes fires as much as fights them.

These cluster-balloon operators were giving free rides - the 4-hour line exceeded my sunscreen and water supply :(

From the Flaming Lotus Girls pyrotechnic show

We lofted a video camera on a large helium balloon. These photos are taken 40-50 feet up.

People ask me about my camp all the time. Well, I don't have a large camp since I have to ship all my stuff. Look at the yellow taxi cab. My rental car is parked behind him, as is my teal colored tent.