Hi, I'm Randall Bollig. I'm a hiker, photographer, science & industrial tourist, and private pilot. I enjoy tinkering with art, electronics, telephones, robots, and other gadgets. I'm locally known for cooking with exotic techniques and materials like liquid nitrogen.

I work as a web-consultant, programming servers and databases for web sites. My technology interests center around privacy, data warehousing, observability, security, encryption, cypherpunk, and disruptive technologies.

A person making liquid nitrogen ice cream dressed  in a lab coat with face shield. A bowl is emitting dry-ice-like smoke. Liquid nitrogen is really cool. A collage of travel photos Lots of travel photos The Burning Man from Burning Man, made of neon tubes before being lit ablaze Burning Man A man with purple hair Notes on having weird colored hair. A man in a hospital holding a blood bag with stem cells Donating Bone Marrow is  actually painless An information sign from Burning Man Background Info E.T. the Extraterrestrial's communicator. CC-BY-3.0 Wikimedia Commons Mattingly23 Contact Info